Ecological Villages

Discover our official partner of the show: L'Eco-Village de l'étang, first autonomous village in France.  Become the owner of a 200 to 400m2 plot equipped with an autonomous chalet in a park offering innovative services: communal vegetable garden, solar production, abundant water, fishing rights, orchard, a janitor in charge of common resources, etc. The proposed plots of land are all planted with trees, serviced, and have electricity, water supply and drainage.

Tiny House

A tiny house is a small house that rolls. In English, "tiny" means tiny, and "house" means house. The "Tiny House Movement" emerged in the USA in the early 2000s, advocating simple living and voluntary sobriety. Liveable all year round, Tiny Houses are designed like wood-frame houses and built with the same comfort requirements: insulation, airtightness, electricity, hot water, heating, mechanical ventilation, but with the added bonus of ethics! 

Green building and renovation

Your home is the material asset that will have the greatest influence on your quality of life, your health, your financial freedom and your ecological footprint. Ecological houses, high performance houses, resilient houses, etc... Our exhibitors will be happy to guide and advise you. 

Maison Passive

Passive housing is a concept that designates a building whose energy consumption per square meter is very low, or even entirely compensated by solar heat gain or by calories emitted by internal heat gain.

Ecological Insulation

To insulate your home, you can choose between plant-based insulation such as flax, hemp, cork or reed, animal-based insulation such as duck feathers or sheep's wool, and mineral-based insulation such as cellulose wadding or vermiculite.