Autonomy Expo : The Eco-citizen Fair

"Live simply so that simply others may live"  (Gandhi)


Currently, nearly 72% of French people want to change their habits and become more eco friendly, be more aware about ecological issues: We call them "eco-citizens".


This collective awareness is characterized by simple gestures that can be applied in sectors such as : 

  • Food Auotnomy 
  • Self-Sufficiency Energy
  • Water management
  • Waste treatment
  • The products we use every day
  • The construction of new homes


The objective of Vivre Autonome is to present, over the three days of the event, a set of theoretical and practical solutions that visitors can use in their daily lives to gain self-sufficiency and become real actors of sustainable development... become Eco-citizens.


Our ambition is to offer you an event that best responds to your current issues. The Vivre Autonome event is also a meeting place where each participant, whether a visitor, an exhibitor, a speaker or a moderator, can share his or her experience. 


Exhibitors’ area :


More than 80 specialized exhibitors from all over the world will be happy to present their solutions to you. 


Speakers :


Attend conferences covering all the themes of the show. These conferences will be held by experts (journalists, writers, researchers, bloggers) 


Animations :


Many animations, Do it yourself workshops, and trainings will also be offered throughout the 3 days.