Culture hydroponique

This method of cultivation has many advantages: space saving, cleanliness, less frequent diseases and pests, excellent growth, lush flowering, quality harvest. Although hydroponics may seem difficult, make no mistake, it is a safe and efficient way to obtain excellent results in a short time. Ecological, soilless culture consumes between 70 and 90 % less water than in a traditional culture.


With aquaponics you can grow your vegetables and raise your fish organically at home. You can start aquaponics even if you live in the city thanks to the indoor aquaponics kits. In addition to the pleasure of growing healthy food, you will also be able to eat healthier. Do your share of the hummingbird with this first step towards family self-production at home in urban and rural areas. By producing your own food, you improve your resilience and food security.

Organic seeds

A wide range of vegetable, aromatic and flower seeds will be offered at the show. You will be able to choose old and local varieties according to your tastes and the seasons. Carefully selected for their gustatory interest, their rusticity and their high germination capacity, they participate in the preservation of the cultivated plant biodiversity. 


The word "permaculture" itself is a contraction of "permanent (agri)culture". It was coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970s. It brings together principles and techniques of planning and cultivation, both ancestral and innovative, in an overall concept, the design. It aims to make one's living space a harmonious, productive, autonomous, naturally regenerated ecosystem that respects nature and ALL its inhabitants!


Are you aware of the collapse of bee colonies in recent years? You wish to act to avoid an ecological disaster ? You wish to install a beehive at home to produce your own honey ? Great idea! Find all the necessary equipment on the show! 


Vacuum packing, preserves, dehydrators, sterilized jars, organic packaging. Find all the products that will allow you to cook and store your food. 

Urban farming

Urban and peri-urban agriculture is the production of vegetables, fruits and other foods in cities. It can be practiced on rooftops, in courtyards, in shared vegetable gardens and even in public spaces.