Once the modes of recovery are installed, natural energies do not cost any more and allow a complete autonomy and allow a complete autonomy. They are inexhaustible, do not know the breakdown. They are inexhaustible, do not have breakdowns and, whether it is a question of wind or solar energy, the installations will be to supply the simple shutter to the whole habitat.


Water is becoming precious and not recovering it could soon seem like a waste. waste. A tank, a few connections, a purifier and, why not, a micro purification station and you are purification plant and you are perfectly autonomous, with a very high quality water of very high quality.


Many food products are now dependent on imports. To become autonomous is to ensure a healthy diet, while circumventing the shortage and the rise in prices that accompany it. Of course, there are chickens for eggs and cows, sheep or goats for milk. For plants, we suggest you learn how to grow easily through diversity, exchange your products with your neighbors via certain applications and, if you live in an urban environment, become a real gardener through hydroponics.


Because learning also involves reading, the publishers present at the fair are a mine of are a mine of teaching material. Through their articles and their and their fascinating books on housing or gardening, they open you, page after page, the the way to your autonomy.



Aquaponics is a sustainable symbiotic farming system that combines fish farming and plant growing using water. plants using water. In this system, nutrient-laden water from the fish farm is filtered and circulated is filtered and circulated to the plants, which absorb the nutrients necessary for their growth. for their growth. The plants, in turn, filter the water and return it clean to the fish. This method allows vegetables and fish to be grown simultaneously without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, while using much less water than traditional agriculture.